SKE TEL OLOLETIK means “all the children” in the Tzotzil language .

Our Association was inspired by the Chamula children that speak this language in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chipas, on southern Mexico. A Chamula child named SKE TEL OLOLETIK and opened the possibility to reach all the children.

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Many of these children live under street working conditions, with the responsability to contribute to the family income at early ages and few opportunities to enjoy their chilhood. The thought of generating awareness of their potential as valuable individuals by giving them a space and means to express themselves created SKE TEL OLOLETIK AC with the mission, “To experience and promote human rights and communication to children, their parents and community”. 

Our vision is that boys and girls including their family and community cores have the knowledge and tools for a better communication and development based on the education of human rights. We achieve this through programs and conferences using dynamics and art as a mean of expression. Being aware that children´s growth is tied to a close relationship with their parents and others in the community it is also our primal concern to include them in our programs to provide children with the support to grow and develop with self esteem and in an integrated maner. 


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Children can change the world, Jane Goodall